Our online properties are organized into two distinct groupings. Our BlogMedia Network is a blog network consisting of the core BlogMedia blog sites. In addition, we operate a services division which oversees all of our non-blogging sites.

BlogMedia Network

The BlogMedia Network is made up distinct weblogs across a number of topics. Ranging from middle east poltiics to discussions about the Red Sox vs. Yankees, there’s something for everyone here.

Site Feed
Battlestar Galactica Blog
Blog Herald
Blog Network Watch
Blogger Idol
BlogMedia, Inc.
Funny Blogger
Loss Prevention Blog
Major League Blog
Mideast Beat
SEO Memo
Snarky Blog
Sporty Blog
The Lost Weblog
Search Studio Design
TV bloggin’

BlogMedia Services

Our BlogMedia Services division develops and operates sites that provide services to the Web 2.0 community.