How a Medical Practica Can Use A Blog?

Guest article by Dr. Armando Torres.

Most doctors have staggeringly boisterous work lives loaded with individuals (the sheer number of patients seen day by day), conditions (the huge measure of findings made every week), and stories (the near calamities, energizing cases and excites of honing solution), so it appears to be just common doctors have a great deal to blog about.

In case you’re not yet among the evaluated 12.9% of doctors composing a blog (numbers as indicated by a 2009 Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association (JAMIA) think about, here’s the reason you ought to be.

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Google Helps Doctors to Diagnose Illnesses

This is a guest article by Eyeklinik

The web crawler Google has added another great string to its bow – by helping specialists analyze sicknesses.

Specialists found that very nearly six-in-10 troublesome cases can be comprehended by utilizing the internet as an analytic guide.

Specialists battle illness via conveying around two million truths in their heads yet with medicinal information extending quickly, even this may not be sufficient.

Misdiagnosis is as yet a typical event in the medicinal calling in spite of the considerable number of devices accessible, for example, the blood tests and cutting edge examining gear.

Investigations of post-mortem examinations have demonstrated specialists truly misdiagnose deadly ailments around 20 for each penny of the time.

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How Doctors Can Leverage Technology?

This is a guest article by Dr. Alejandro Pérez Aguilar, Knee Doctor.

In Japan’s initially detailed instance of manmade brainpower sparing somebody’s life, an AI has succeeded where a group of gifted human specialists did not. A lady with an uncommon kind of leukemia was accurately analyzed by the AI. Significantly more surprising, it took only ten minutes to contrast the lady’s hereditary data and 20 million clinical oncology studies to touch base at the life-sparing determination.

Does this mean robots will supplant our specialists? Not exactly, but rather expanding volumes of medicinal information, all the more capable PCs and more quick witted calculations could see a future restorative science in which human specialists are aided by AI. Continue reading


Over at the Entrepreneur’s Journey is this article about the business opportunities available in weblogs:

With the recent big ticket ($25 million) sale of Weblogs, Inc to AOL the monetary potential of a blog network was highlighted. Anything with the word “blog” in it has become hot property. Frankly though, blogs are only just going mainstream and it’s early enough days that opportunities abound in the blogosphere.

Looking at blog networks as a potential business opportunity is mouth watering for a web entrepreneur. The typical valuation measurements are the same as for standard websites, traffic and profits (sometimes revenue for newer businesses and future potential will always play a part in evaluation). Weblogs, Inc pulled $25 million because it had both significant traffic and significant revenues (they haven’t disclosed profits). A budding entrepreneur looking to cash in on blogs should look to the same metrics – traffic and profits – and at the moment, traffic comes from good content and profits usually comes from advertising.

We agree! And what’s why we launched BlogMedia!


Kevin Burton’s TailRank is now in beta, according to this post at Kevin’s FeedBlog:

After nearly two months of hard work I’m proud to announce that TailRank is now in public beta.

The key word here is beta. This isn’t a Google-style beta. This isn’t a Web 2.0-style beta. This is the old school definition of beta where we need feedback from the community to make a better product. Constructive criticism only please!

BlogMedia, Inc. is pleased to announce that we’ve donated $100 to his open fund drive in order to help with the development of this new service to the blogosphere. You should too!


Google’s new website service Google Base has garnered alot of attention over the last 48 hours. One, because it’s Google. But secondly, it appears to be delivering traffic.

We did some custom programming of our BloggerJobs site earlier today and then uploaded the current jobs database into Google Base.

Within an hour it was active. Within another 30 minutes we were getting traffic.

And in the first 30 minutes alone we were receiving a referral at least once every minute.

This could be a hit!


I promised when I agreed to start a corporate blog that I would spend time talking from time to time about what it’s like running a small business, so it’s time to live up to that promise.

First, to run a small business legitmiately, in compliance with all of the tax and record keeping laws that are out there is not an easy thing to do. You have to be able to keep your personal and business finances separate – keep good records – and file (read: pay) your taxes properly. And then there’s all of the state regulations that go along with all of the above.

So we’ll start with the basics – corporate structure and finances.

We’re setup as a S Corporation. This means that we’ve filed articles of incorporation with a state – Massachusetts in our case – and then filed for S Corporation status with the Internal Revenue Service.

Being a corporation grants us both a level of credibility and a level of protection that would not be there if we were a sole proprietorship. But it does bring on a level of complexity that didn’t exist before. It makes taxes and finances more complicated – and requires more administrative overhead than some other formats. We could have also considered being a LLC or a partnership, but the corporation seemed to offer us the best mix of what we were looking for.

Once we received our corporation documents back – we used BizFilings to have this done – we filed for an Employer Identification Number from the IRS. The EIN is the “social security number” for our business and is used in lieu of a SSN on all tax forms. This ensures that income is tracked back to the EIN and not to any individual SSN – important since we’re a corporation and therefore a legal entity, not individuals anymore.

Once the EIN was in place we were able to open a bank account under our corporation name. We went with Wells Fargo in our case since they have outstanding small business services. They required a corporate resolution from our board (they provide sample language) along with some information about our officers. Took us about an hour of paperwork – all done online and via fax. We were up and running within three days with a savings and checking account.

Because we process credit card transactions on some of our websites and for advertising services – we also setup accounts with PayPal and We also established a merchant account – more on that below.

For corporate record keeping, we went with the industry leading Intuit QuickBooks. We’ve been using them since the 2000 edition and am now on Quickbooks 2005. It makes corporate recordkeeping a breeze and integrates with many other applications. The standard reporting is fabulous and it contains a complete set of custom reports as well. Especially handy is the online invoicing – where Quickbooks sends out an invoice via email and allows the customer to pay online via PayPal or your merchant account.

We also established a merchant account through QuickBooks’s service. It’s fully integrated with QuickBooks and some e-commerce websites and works very well for our purposes.

We’re currently in the process of establishing payroll services through Quickbooks as well in order to simplify some record keeping on our end.

As far as corporate and individual taxes go, we use TurboTax for Business. It integrates fully with QuickBooks. We then have our taxes reviewed by our accountant.

I hope that’s a good simple explanation of structure and finance. Please note that we’re neither lawyers or accountants and that we did most of these things in the mid 1990’s so some information may be a bit out of date. I would recommend reading over at the Small Business Adminstration website or other resources before undertaking any significant steps…

I’ll post more down the road a bit on some other small business topics….

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Gadgets and more gadgets


We’re pleased to announce the launch of two new blogs:

Gadget Bloggers focuses on the world of technology gadgets, such as PDAs, Cell Phones, Tablet PCs, Computers, and other great bits of technology. As a technophile myself, this is the sort of blog that I enjoy reading, and we’ve lined up some great bloggers to bring the latest in gadget news to you.

Mobility Watch focuses exclusively on the world of digital mobile devices, such as Smartphones, Cell Phones, WiFi PDAs, and other devices that’s sure to warm the heart of any road warrior out there in the blogging world.

Both of these blogs are being edited by Noel Bautisa and will soon feature other bloggers as well.


Major League Blog

One of my loves has always been baseball.

Growing up in the Midwest, I was a fan of the Chicago Cubs. They disappointed me time and time again, but I still saw Wrigley Field as my cathedral.

As I grew up and left my home nest, I moved off to Baltimore and became an Orioles fan. Then I ran off to Cleveland, and finally settled in Boston.

The Red Sox are a team that will steal your heart and lead you to heartbreak time and time again. But not in 2004, when after five years of heartwrenching seasons and playoffs, they finally brought home a new World Series banner.

It was my love of baseball that led us to launch a web called Major League Blog.

Headlined by three great bloggers – Major League Blog already has well over a hundred posts and has attracted a strong base of followers. Along with our other sports channel blog – SportyBlog – we’re looking forward to entertaining sports fans for years to come.

Farther down the rabit hole

Since all of us got together earlier this year, it’s been our intent to build a world-class blog network alongside a world-class blog consulting agency – and do both with flair.

In many ways, we’ve succeeded – having established ourselves as a category leader in the area of blogging news – and by snagging a few high profile clients and blog networks for our consulting business.

As we came upon our four month anniversary, it has become clear that being bleary-eyed at all hours of the day and trying to be all things to each other – and to our audiences – that we had to take a hard look around and choose a path.

For some of our team, their heart was with the consulting world. The ability to design, to guide others, to create a beautiful blog out of what was a boring WordPress or Movable Type theme – or the joy inherent in helping a client achieve what they set out to do.

For others, their heart was with the creation of news, of building a community, of sharing their passion for blogging and other topics that we cover in the network.

For me, I stick to a famous British playwright’s quote when he said:

Where you go, go with all your heart

So with a mixture of hope and sadness, we announce that our consulting arm, Problogging, along with a few of our sites, will be leaving our network to venture on their own. David Krug, our VP of Sales & Marketing, will go with them to lead this new venture.

As a part of this spinoff, Mobile Herald, Gadzooki, College Happenings, and Poker Moments will move out of our network into the new venture. Going with them will be David’s personal site Jack of All Blogs. Chris Pearson and Ben Bleikamp will move on to the new venture as well.

Matt Craven will remain at BlogMedia as he was before.

We wish David, Chris, and Ben success with Problogging. If you’re looking for great design or help setting up a blog or blog network – look no further than these three!