biz.erati is reborn as Biziki

Our business blog began its life as a part of our now-absorbed Erati Media division as biz.erati. A few weeks ago, we moved it over to its new home at Biziki, installed a new team of three bloggers. We’ve been quite pleased with the results so far.

The new team of Alex Conde, Brian Yalung, and Katelyn Thomas bring a wealth of business savvy and experience to Biziki.

Alex is a licensed Certified Financial Planner here in the states.

Brian Yalung is an executive and entrepreneur with an emphasis in marketing, business development, and information technology. He’s armed with a master’s in Business Administration and an undergraduate business administration education from two of the top schools in the Phillipines today.

Katelyn Thomas is a small business owner who loves the excitement and challenge of running a business. She currently edits and publishes Cecil Child, a parenting magazine for Cecil County, Maryland.

All three of them are doing a great job dishing out common sense business advice to their readers.

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