Farther down the rabbit hole

Since all of us got together earlier this year, it’s been our intent to build a world-class blog network alongside a world-class blog consulting agency – and do both with flair.

In many ways, we’ve succeeded – having established ourselves as a category leader in the area of blogging news – and by snagging a few high profile clients and blog networks for our consulting business.

As we came upon our four month anniversary, it has become clear that being bleary-eyed at all hours of the day and trying to be all things to each other – and to our audiences – that we had to take a hard look around and choose a path.

For some of our team, their heart was with the consulting world. The ability to design, to guide others, to create a beautiful blog out of what was a boring WordPress or Movable Type theme – or the joy inherent in helping a client achieve what they set out to do.

For others, their heart was with the creation of news, of building a community, of sharing their passion for blogging and other topics that we cover in the network.

For me, I stick to a famous British playwright’s quote when he said:

Where you go, go with all your heart

So with a mixture of hope and sadness, we announce that our consulting arm, Problogging, along with a few of our sites, will be leaving our network to venture on their own. David Krug, our VP of Sales & Marketing, will go with them to lead this new venture.

As a part of this spinoff, Mobile Herald, Gadzooki, College Happenings, and Poker Moments will move out of our network into the new venture. Going with them will be David’s personal site Jack of All Blogs. Chris Pearson and Ben Bleikamp will move on to the new venture as well.

Matt Craven will remain at BlogMedia as he was before.

We wish David, Chris, and Ben success with Problogging. If you’re looking for great design or help setting up a blog or blog network – look no further than these three!