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One of my loves has always been baseball.

Growing up in the Midwest, I was a fan of the Chicago Cubs. They disappointed me time and time again, but I still saw Wrigley Field as my cathedral.

As I grew up and left my home nest, I moved off to Baltimore and became an Orioles fan. Then I ran off to Cleveland, and finally settled in Boston.

The Red Sox are a team that will steal your heart and lead you to heartbreak time and time again. But not in 2004, when after five years of heartwrenching seasons and playoffs, they finally brought home a new World Series banner.

It was my love of baseball that led us to launch a web called Major League Blog.

Headlined by three great bloggers – Major League Blog already has well over a hundred posts and has attracted a strong base of followers. Along with our other sports channel blog – SportyBlog – we’re looking forward to entertaining sports fans for years to come.

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